It’s Free.

We believe purple teams using VECTR is the best way to assess and validate cybersecurity detections and improve SOC capabilities.

Purple Teams with VECTR

Do Security Drills!

VECTR enables your team to conduct collaborative exercises. Use Atomic Red or custom test cases and run simulations with a blend of manual and automated test cases.

Align to MITRE ATT&CK!

Start and chart your journey and show your progress to align to this holy grail of a framework. Start small and increase your scope as you improve.

Benchmark your High Score!

VECTR produces Defense Success Metrics to quantify your successful detections. Show your improvement to your CISO, Auditors and Board over time with better scores. Contact us for info on benchmark services.

Purple Teams with VECTR™ generates Defense Success Metrics™ and helps align red and blue teams towards the same mission:

Protecting the organization by discovering and fixing detection gaps.

VECTR Community

VECTR™ is available for free on Security Risk Advisors’ GitHub page. If you join the VECTR™ Community, you’ll receive notifications of updates and new features, and get access to the VECTR Community Discord server. You will not be solicited and your contact information will not be shared.